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What to do when you’re in a bit of a mid-winter slump? My answer to this question came with the opportunity to return to NYC for Fashion Week Inspiration.

There is a certain je ne sais quoi that is always present in NYC which makes for crazy good chaos and oomph! New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for me is an added layer that is both promise and threat.

Here’s the thing: NYFW has become a circus. Ever more popular and crazed are the entrances to the shows with the instaglam girls running around, getting photographed and instantly posted to blogs, social accounts and high profile media outlets.

Despite this fact, it’s still super creative and wonderfully exciting. And if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Bill Cunningham–the master of street style photography, then it is absolutely worth it to stand out in the cold and view all of the delicious madness that is on display.

This year was special. Though I had a sense of my good fortune in being invited to Kanye x Adidas, little did I know that I would stand witness to something happening culturally in the industry. It was a more than a moment.

Here’s the scene, the incomparable Anna Wintour (WINTOUR, you guys!) along with Andre Leon Talley and the Vogue-ettes all in the room. This said something about the show, it wasn't just the hip hop community, it wasn't the reality tv icons, and it wasn't just pop stars & models. It was the true blue influencers that came to support Kanye and his vision.  

Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

How cool is Anna Wintour to recognize the value and force of creative tidal wave? Though I was already a big fan, I’m impressed by her vision to move and change with the flow. There she was, next to Kim and adorable North, trying to coddle the toddler when she became fussy (as any mother would) along with Beyonce who sang North a lullaby, naturally. In the end, Diddy's iPhone finally did the trick, expertly cued up to the newest baby game app. Leave it to dad. North hijacked the phone for at least an hour, even backstage after the show. Side note: I’m not sure if P Daddy ever got that thing back.  


The energy was so tingly and exciting at the show. I was not alone in my giddiness as I sat directly behind Ms. Wintour. For the record, Anna's bob is perfectly still. I swear I tried to google her perfume smell. *Inhales deeply* Que rico.

No luck! (Side note: I’m still on the hunt and welcome any beta from all of you, Betties.)

Sitting next to Wintour, as previously reported, was Kim Kardashian, when North's water spilled, I watched in horror as it started to gently stream towards my feet and Anna's stunning fur coat which had heretofore been gently resting atop my adidas sneakers. Eek! What’s a betty to do? I decided the best course of action was to lean in and say to the magnificent Anna, "Excuse me-your coat may get wet."

As her perfectly coiffed head turned, I actually gasped inside.

Anna, “Oh it’s no problem, its only water, but thank you!"  

Wow. She wasn’t even the tiniest bit icy, not at all! Triumphantly I thought to myself, I just spoke with Anna freaking Wintour. Yep, that happened. Check it off your life list Kirsten, that was a fashion girl’s dream!


As I regained my breath I did notice Kim lean in and give a hushed "Thanks Anna, for coming." Okay, now that the Anna encounter has been shared, it’s time to dish.

That front row.  What????  Russell Simmons. Anna Wintour. Kim. Bey. Jay. Diddy. Cassie. Alexander Wang. RiRi. Jenner-Kardashian...the A-list goes on and on.  Wow. Go Adidas!

Was I star struck? For sure. But, hell, stars? They are really just like us! Sort of.

Here’s my brief (fan-girl) firsthand rundown.

Rihanna:  funny & cute.  

Kim & Kanye: sweet and in love, really into each other.  

Kris Jenner:  true matriarch, always watching her brood.  

For the record, Kris and I had a side conversation (!) involving her floor length coat and whether or not she should just give it to Khloe as she is tall, or just have it shortened to fit her better. My advice was to give it to Khloe, cause then she (Kris) could buy a new one! ;)

We also chatted about Kanye’s show, and how she has seen lots and lots these past few months with Kendall’s modeling career on the mega-rise.  Mama Kris thought Kanye did a great job. In her words: Very different platform. Very artistic. Very him. Again, proud mama moment. And before i could think of anything else to say....Kris walked over to Kim, North and Khloe.  


In retrospect, Andre Leon Tally's interview with Kim and Kanye backstage provides great insight into the spirit of the day. Watch it!  I can attest that the backstage area was abuzz. What wonderful magic, choreography at its best!

As far as Kanye’s collection goes:  it was ALL about the sneaker and outerwear. I thought he launched the brand with proper style. I loved his performance and, how smart is he to drop the new song at the show?

Other favorites: the trumpet man, the way the models were choreographed. I learned that some of the models were pro talent and others were hired merely hours before in an open call.  I enjoyed ALL of it and noticed that it was quite different from his presentation in Paris a year before with Jean Toutou of A.P.C.  Kanye’s confidence is rising. He was smiling all the time, truly appeared to be in his bliss. How could you not be happy for him and at the same time proud? I love to see people absolutely going for IT.  

The sneaker presence is definitely influencing my vision for Hot Box Betty. Friends, I’m here to tell you, yeezyseason is on! Many, many, many fashion looks can be built on a kickass sneaker.  Vince, Frye, Nike, Superga, Adidas and Yeezy.  I want them all!  

You’ll notice that our Autumn coat buy is super reflective of what we saw on Kanye’s performance floor. The jacket/coat situation is about to be out of control. Seriously. I hope to hell it snows next year!


P.S. Final fan-girl information: Kanye is a hugger! Who knew?

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